super hypnotic orgasm

Super Hypnotic Orgasm

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Amazing Sexual Orgasm:
Within your mind lies the formula and the information to bring about a wild orgasm that you will experience from deep inside your body and that you will feel every where, from the tips of your toes, to the top of your head, and you will come to know this experience well  more and more each time you engage in a sexual encounter. Your orgasm will keep redefining itself into the most intense feeling you could possibly imagine your body and your mind know how to unlock this internal innate wisdom within your cells to allow this to happen.

Orgasm Control Room:
Teach your subconscious mind how to let you have the most fantastic orgasms you have ever experienced? You will take a little tour inside your brain and imagine there is a control room.  Then you'll locate a particular area in your control room called your orgasmic response engine.  From there, you will now gain total control over being able to turn up the level of your orgasm.