stay healthy and well hypnosis cd

Stay Healthy and Well Hypnosis CD

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Hypnosis to keep your body healthy and strong!

Two Full-Length Sessions to Help Your Body Stay Healthy:

  • Stay Well
  • Positive Thoughts for Wellness
Stay Well: Your body's immune system is wired to your brain. Just as stimuli from the outside world can cause illness, stimuli from within your mind can act to keep you healthy and strong. You will train your mind to support your body's wellness and stay well.

Positive Thoughts For Wellness: This session will help you to remember many of the small, everyday things you can do to support your well-being. All of them are so easy, yet many people ignore them and do not make them a part of their everyday lives and habits. This session will help to make these health-supporting habits a part of your nature.

Utilize the untapped energy of your mind to make changes in your life, whether it be mental well-being, or physical appearance. "Accept, believe and expect new possibilities!"