self-esteem workshop hypnosis cd

Self-Esteem Workshop Hypnosis CD

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CD 1:



How can you improve your relationship with yourself?  You have all the answers inside you.  Let love guide you to making the right choices in your life.  Create a bond of love, a connection with your spirit, a feeling of love that is deep and long-lasting.  Become more conscientious about treating yourself with a high amount of respect and dignity.

Becoming the Real You

What does it mean to be the real you?  It begins with discovering your own truths about yourself, and growing from there.  When you are honest with yourself, and keeping all of the agreements you make with yourself, then you are able to make changes in your life.  Become happier in your work and your relationships as you learn to those things that are more in alignment with who you really are and create more abundance and prosperity in your life.

CD 2:

Honor Your Body

True magic comes from fully accepting, respecting, and loving your body. Doing this will lead you down a path to success and health for a lifetime. Only when you take care of you, will you be able to give to those you love.  You'll make your body your first priority because you know deep down that body acceptance and respect is the secret to better health, which is the secret to having more energy, love, and compassion for your family and your job.

Future Self Visualization

Imagine a Future, having an abundance of everything that you would ever need or want in this life because you have achieved such a high level of esteem and confidence that you become the master of your life and all of the goals that you set to achieve.


Affirmations with Induction

Deeply relax before approximately 20 minutes of the best self-esteem giving affirmations you have ever heard are installed into your subconscious mind, about 40 of them repeated 3x each, and then waking.

Original Self-Esteem Track from True to You

Self-Esteem is that way that you see yourself, feel about yourself and value yourself. The best way to achieve a high sense of self-esteem is to begin getting in touch with your inner truths and sharing the truth of yourself with others. So long as you keep the truth of your beingness a secret, so shall you continue to feel unworthy or undeserving.

Self-Confidence Track from True to You

Self-confidence is knowing that you have the ability to do whatever you want to do and really doing it. Imagine being able to set a worthy goal and knowing you will achieve and then achieving it. This program lets you understand the blocks that have been in your way of having all the self-confidence you want.   By continued listening to this program you will find yourself achieving more of what you want and feeling better about yourself more and more all the time.

CD 4: - Can Be Played while Driving

Talk about Vocabulary that Creates Low Self-Esteem

Non-hypnosis Talk:  You talk to yourself all day long.  Find out if what you are saying to yourself is actually creating low self-esteem.  Learn what you can say to yourself instead to replace the old habits.  Learn 8 different thinking styles, and more that ultimately lead to low self-esteem and how to correct them.  Listen to this track over and over again in your car.

Affirmations without Induction

Non-hypnosis Affirmations:  The same affirmations from the affirmation track on CD 2, without induction so you can listen while driving.