release flight anxiety

Release Flight Anxiety

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Release Flying Anxiety Phobias and Fears 3-Session CD Set

Three Hypnosis Sessions Include:

  • Track 1: Systematic Desensitization
    Create a new conditioned response during hypnosis as you work through a hierarchy of your fear through mentally imagining various scenes, followed by a relaxing scene. Through this process, your anxiety will be released as this creates a new conditioned response within your subconscious mind.

  • Track 2: Anchor in Peace
    Another Conditioning technique, where you will create what we call an Anchor; a stimulus response in which you press your thumb and forefinger together and this turns off the anxiety triggers a feeling of relaxation and peace.

  • Track 3: Deep Relaxation
    You can use Deep Relaxation just before a trip to help bring you into the most relaxing state you have ever known. It?s a good idea to practice with this program daily to help center and calm your mind. Over time by working with Deep Relaxation you will learn to bring yourself into this kind of relaxation whenever you
    need it.