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Quit Drinking Alcohol Hypnosis CDs

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Overcome the Hold Alcohol has on your Life

Four Sessions to Help You Overcome the Urge to Drink Alcohol:

  • Breaking Free of Alcohol
  • Higher Power
  • Parts Therapy
  • Aversion to Alchohol
Breaking Free of Alcohol: This session helps you to develop in your mind a vision of a life free of alcohol. The visualization of this "new life" movie will only help you in your quest to overcome the urge to drink.

Higher Power: This session is meant to inspire. It provides you with the confidence you'll need in making the changes in your life you want to. It will help you to committ to the hypnosis sessions and put in the time necessary to help in the re-tooling of your mind.

Parts Therapy: This session will help you to isolate the part of your mind that wants to drink alcohol and to treat it as just that. One part. Once you've isolated it, you can begin to work on it and eventually control it. And with control, you will find you can do anything.

Aversion to Alcohol: This session will help you to connect the parts of your mind that detest certain things to the feeling you get when drinking alcohol. This re-wiring of the mind will help you to come to hate the very idea of drinking. The power is within you. You just need to put your mind to it.

Hypnosis is a valuable tool for self-empowerment and continuous personal growth. Put the power of your mind to work in managing your urges. This method of utilizing the untapped energy of your mind to support your overall health and well-being is natural, safe, and simple."