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Portion Control

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In this 6-Track Portion Control Program, you get all the tools you need
to reduce your appetite so you can finally reduce your weight.

It's a fact that the only way to reduce your weight is to burn more
calories than you take in. Half the battle is in eating less. Learning to
control your portions, you will eat much less, and raise your metabolism
in the process. Hypnosis will help you in the following ways:

Session 1: Eat Smart  - Incorporate the style of eating that shrinks your appetite and raises your metabolism. Eating 6 small meals a day; balancing between carbs, protein, and vegetables is the smart way to eat. During this session you will create in your mind the ideal day and visualize yourself eating from a smaller plate with smaller portions of food.

Session 2: Eat Slowly - Control cravings and fell full faster by learning to take your time while eating. Eating slowly is healthiest for your digestion and it also helps you to enjoy your food while you are eating it. If you can learn to receive the entire flavor from the food while you are eating it, you will minimize cravings.

Session 3: Shrinking Stomach - Trick your brain to make you think you have had the procedure to shrink your stomach. You will use the timeline method to insert a memory of having your stomach shrunk. From that point forward you will only be able to consume very small portions of food. This session is ideal for people who have 100 or more pounds to lose.

Session 4: Love your Veggies - A Double does of NLP to help you to learn to love your Veggies. Learn the way you currently represent negative foods to yourself that you wish you could stop eating. Desensitize yourself to those foods with my reverse desensitization technique. Then, represent the fresh wholesome veggies to yourself in the same "light" as the way you used to represent the negative food choices to yourself.

Session 5: Drinking Water - Drinking water is one of the most important habits you can ever create for yourself. Not only will water help you to reduce weight, it will help you with a wide range of other ailments, including stress, depression, fatigue, allergies, arthritis, and digestion problems... just to name a few. The affect that water has on the body is enormous. The suggestions in this program will help you to begin to reduce weight by drinking water and reminding you to replace other beverages with water.

Session 6: Hunger Scale - Create a dial of numbers between 1 - 10; in your mind. 1 being starving and 10 being stuffed. Learn to tune into and detect signals that will notify you that it's time to start and stop eating at a specific number that is within a more reasonable range. i.e. begin eating at a 4 and stop eating at a 7 so you can avoid ever feeling starving or stuffed. You will also learn to detect the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger.