piano improvement hypnosis cd

Piano Improvement Hypnosis CD

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Hypnosis to help you Improve at Playing the Piano

Two Full-Length Sessions to Help you Improve at Playing Piano Like a Pro

  • Playing Piano Like a Pro
  • Piano Practice Motivation
Playing Piano Like a Pro When learning the piano or any instrument, there is a line that seperates those who just know how to play from those who can play. If you want to reach that point, the act of playing needs to become something that comes as naturally and as automatic as when you speak. The power to do that resides within your mind. Your mind already knows how to play, but buried deep within it is the switch to make it flow naturally. This session will help throw that switch, and help you play piano like a pro.

Piano Practice Motivation: There are probably days where you just don't feel like practicing even though you know you should if you want to improve. This session will help you to connect the parts of playing that make you happy to the goals you have for yourself, and the feelings of satisfaction you know you get from playing. The result, will be a well of motivation that will have for whenever you need it.

Utilize the untapped energy of your mind to support your piano playing. Accept, believe and expect new possibilities!