penis enlargement delux

Penis Enlargement Delux

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SOME PEOPLE MAY EXPERIENCE RESULTS SOONER, WE SUGGEST A MINIMUM OF 3 MONTHS DAILY LISTENING TO BEGIN TO SEE RESULTS."  Due to the extended listening time required to attain your desired results, we also extend our guarantee period from 90 days on our other programs, to ONE FULL YEAR from the date of purchase to use these growth-oriented programs.

Penis Enlargement DELUX 6-Session CD Set

Includes the original 4 Sessions:

  • Track 1: Pleasure Trip

  • Track 2: Conversation with Cells

  • Track 3: Anchor for Growth

  • Track 4: Journey Through Time

    PLUS the next two EXTRA-STRENGTH levels guaranteed to produce MAXIMUM growth!

  • Track 5: Revisiting the Woman

  • Track 6: Penis Expansion Project

    Yes it is true! The mind can dramatically affect the size of your penis, erect and flaccid. Most men experience an average of 1-2? increase in length and fuller girth. Listen to these CD's for 4-6 weeks and find out for yourself how to reach your potential. Many men report more control and greater sensation during the growth process. Guaranteed results! only $99.00 for all six sessions.


    "Victoria, I just wanted to let you know that even though I was very skeptical at first, I immediately noticed a small improvement right away (1/4 ") in the first couple weeks, which motivated me to keep listening. Over a six-week span I am now 1 1/2 inches bigger. I am ecstatic! I last longer. I feel enthusiastic. Victoria, your program is so easy, all I do is listen to your soothing voice everyday and I can literally feel the changes taking place in my penis while I'm listening." 
    "Victoria, You probably don't remember me, but I thought I'd write to thank you for
    your penis enlargement hypnosis CDs. At first, I had trouble (I couldn't
    induce a hypnotic state), and I didn't see results for a while. But
    eventually everything clicked, and I just had to write to report on my
    progress, which I feel is pretty amazing.

    You were right. Thanks to you and your CDs, I'm now between a quarter and an
    eighth of inch of my goal of 9 inches erect, and by about 6-7/8 in girth
    (for an increase of about 1-3/4 inches in length and 1-1/8 in girth)"
    "I have been listening to the cds. very good quality. I might want you to
    customize a cd for me." Hi Victoria!
    Yes, my husband is still listening..........religiously hahaha..........and
    YES, there have been changes.....not that it mattered to me, but I sure have
    noticed that he is longer, thicker, harder, lasts longer and has strongers
    O's :)