orgasm enhancer for women hypnosis cd

Orgasm Enhancer for Women Hypnosis CD

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2-Session CD Set
(Part of Female Sexual Treasure Chest Box 4-Session Set)

Two Amazing Hypnotic Journeys Include:

  • Track 1: Awaken Female Sexual Energy
    Let go of barriers to sex and orgasm. During this Self-Hypnosis session you will turn in to and enhance your desire for sex and ability to achieve orgasm. You will be guided into orgasm, which you can do yourself or with a partner. Hypnosis will help you to release shame, fears, or anxieties associated with being a sexual female.

  • Track 2: Lubrication Enhancement
    Self-hypnosis is very effective in removing the mental blocks responsible for sexual dysfunction. Restore your confidence about your ability to produce all the lubrication you need during sex, by speaking to the part of you in your subconscious mind that is responsible for creating dryness and tightness. Remove fears, doubt, and anxiety about your performance and enjoy making love knowing that you are in command of your own feelings and bodily functions.

Super charge your sex life! Hours of Erotic Pleasure and Fantasy await you! What a fantastic way to make noticible improvements in your sex life, or simply experience the fun and fantasy!