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Electricity CDROM by Discovery Channel School ™

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Students can learn the basics of electricity from your classroom demonstrations and experiments. This interactive CD-ROM makes static, current, and circuit-electricity come alive. Build a battery with pennies, learn about Ben Franklin's experiments, or build a telegraph! Video Adventures include Introducing Electricity, Body Electric, Harnessing Electricity, Live Wires, and Producing Electricity.
Includes a Teacher's Guide. Simulations include Electric Generator, Energy Consumption, Solar Energy, Weather Forecasting, and Scientific Inquiry.

Grade Level 6-12

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Mac OSX
Teacher's Guide — Over 100 pages of Teacher Support material included on each CD-ROM

Each v2.0 CD-ROM features

Science Simulations: NEW! Now your students can perform hundreds of simulated lab experiments in a virtual lab.

Discovery Channel Theater: Five fast-paced fact-filled video voyages in both English and Spanish.

Library: Updated World Book Encyclopedia features extensive reference and research materials.

Laboratory: New Assessment Component! Interactive activities focus on building critical learning skills.

Multimedia Studio: Creative tool complete with slides, text and cool sound effects allows students to create their own multimedia presentation. Updated with Lesson Launchers—ready-made slide shows to start teaching your next science topic.