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Encyclopedia Britannica - My Body, Myself

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My Body, Myself presents a virtual museum with interactive exhibits and information on the health structure, and processes of the human body.

In the entrance hall of the museum, you can select any of six main topics, each of which is oriented in its own hall.

Proceed into the hall of your choice, and you will find provocative questions that invite you to seek information on subjects that range from the way the heart worked to changes that the body undergoes during puberty.

All this information makes up a knowledge base that combines with project-oriented investigations to provide a focused, interactive environment for exploring the human body.

  • Topics - Explore the processes of the body by searching the knowledge base
  • Search - Quickly search by using Glossary Listing or the Search Windows
  • Investigation - Challenge yourself with self-studies and activities
  • 3-D Models - Further your options with the provided Internet links
  • Toolbar - Use toolbars with ease! The upper section contains shortcut buttons for various functions, and the lower section stores minimized windows as icons
  • Image & Narration - Enlarge many images to full screen and listen to the narrated feature presentations
      Product Features
      How does the body create energy from food? Watch the digestive system at work!

      Growth and Development
      How does a baby grow into adulthood? Search here to unravel the mystery of human development!

      Information Processing

      How does the brain receive information and respond? Observe the nervous system's role!

      What is blood? Find out here while accompanying blood cells on a journey through the human body!


      What keep us from getting sick? Study topics from the role of blood cells to germ research.


      What occurs in a step? A jump? Click here to view bone movements in interactive 3-D modes, and see muscles, bones, and joints function in the body.