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The world's most trusted research resource for children

Looking for help with your child's homework and assignments? Or maybe you'd like to treat them to a fun way of learning facts? Encyclopaedia Britannica Children's Encyclopedia 2008 Edition gives your child instant access to fun and easy-to-use learning tools that will build confidence, promote life-long learning and encourage vital research skills. With articles divided into two age-specific databases for young learners and secondary school students, the answers to their many questions are just a few clicks away.


Fast, portable, secure

Suitable for students aged 10 to 14 the Britannica Student Library is the ideal resource for homework, school projects and essays. Britannica’s thorough articles and homework helpdesk support the school curriculum and enable students to develop confident research and learning skills.

  • Homework Helpdesk - access interactive lessons and helpful tools designed to make essay writing and presentation preparation easier.
  • Spotlights - online access to Britannica's archive of spotlights, on a variety of topics ranging from Shakespeare to thunderstorms.
  • Nations of the World - ideal for school projects, this informative tool lets you view both simple and in-depth profiles for each nation of the world. Each profile contains that nation's flag and a locator map to help identify its geographical region and detailed statistics on each nation's demography and economy.
  • GeoAnalyzer - create comparative charts and tables with a combination of detailed statistics and powerful analysis and display tools.
  • How To Documents - provide step-by-step instructions for students on how to prepare for different types of written and oral reports. Links to editorially selected websites are also provided for further research.
  • Biography of the Day - discover fascinating facts about the people who shaped the world we live in.
  • Explore Interactive and Exciting Tours - browse over 15,000 compelling articles and statistics, thousands of images, video and audio files on a variety of interesting and educational subjects. Dig deeper into topics like music, maths, science, arts, literature and more.


Homework. Fun Facts. Curiosity

Help young minds aged from 6 to 10 find the answers to their many questions by giving them fun and easy learning tools to develop and discover the world around them. The Children’s Library is designed to build confidence, promote life-long learning and encourage children to establish vital research skills. Text and multimedia cover a variety of subjects for school learning and for fun, from nations of the world to animals and sports.

  • Video Clips - watch over 90 exciting videos organised by subject.
  • Interactive Timelines - trace the history of the people, events, and discoveries of the past.
  • World Atlas - helps students locate places on maps, and identify nations and their neighbours.
  • Games and Activities - access fun learning activities, study guides, and exercises that will help students review concepts taught in the classroom, as well as learn new skills.
  • Homework Helpdesk - browse through a collection of useful homework resources including a video subject browse, online learning games and activities, and how-to documents that will help develop confident learning and assist school projects.
  • Animal of the Day - learn something new everyday about the amazing creatures we share our planet with.
Confidence in trusted information The Student Library The Children's Library
Age Range 10 to 14 6 to 10
Encyclopedia Articles 15,500+ 2,500+
Interactive Games & Activities Yes Yes
Homework Helpdesk Yes Yes
World Atlas Yes Yes
Nations of the World Yes Yes
Interactive Timelines Yes Yes
A-Z Browse Yes Yes
Subject Browse Yes Yes
Images & Illustrations Yes Yes
Video & Audio Clips Yes Yes
Spotlights Yes Yes
Britannica Workspace Yes Yes
GeoAnalyzer Yes Yes
How-To Documents Yes Yes
Magazines & Related Websites – selected by Britannica editors Yes Yes
Student Dictionary Entries & Definitions Yes Yes
Student Thesaurus Entries Yes Yes


Looking for help with homework and assignments, fun facts or just plain curious? Turn to Encyclopaedia Britannica 2008 Children’s Encyclopedia and access the world's most trusted information – the answers to your questions are just a few clicks away.

It also includes specially designed games, interactive study guides, clickable maps, links to websites trusted by Britannica’s editors, and other rich multimedia that make learning fun and keep children engaged in key school subjects. The Children’s Encyclopedia sets children on the road to a lifelong journey of learning.

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7 Great Reasons to buy Britannica!

Parents can feel assured that their children are researching digital and online resources safely and securely without getting lost in cluttered internet search results.
  • CREDIBLE – articles are written by Nobel laureates, historians, and notable experts.
  • ACCURATE – information is fact-checked by the Encyclopædia Britannica editorial staff.
  • TRUSTED – unlike the Web, content is accurate, rational and unbiased.
  • EFFICIENT – time-saving search results are organised by relevancy, not popularity or paid placement.
  • CONVENIENT – no downloading or Internet connections required.
  • SAFE – no pornography, pop-up ads, or questionable content.
  • UP-TO-DATE – stay current with regular updates


Complete research projects and homework assignments quickly and more effectively.
  • NEW Britannica Workspace - stay organised at all times! With the workspace you can save articles, images, video and more in one convenient location. Start organising content and create new research projects with your Bookmarks.
  • Virtual Notecards - save notes from your articles on a virtual notecard. The notes are printable, making your research easier, more productive, and portable.

  • Access Britannica Online on the go
  • Articles updated daily
  • BBC daily newsfeeds
  • Additional audio and video
  • Discounts to the Britannica shop
  • And more!

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