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Encyclopaedia Britannica® 2010 Ultimate Edition

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The UK’s best-selling encyclopedia software

Britannica keeps you learning and growing. With more than 100,000 articles, biographies, Britannica BrainStormer, Britannica Classics and much more, it’s never been easier to expand your knowledge and satisfy your curiosity.

The Easy All-in-One Research Companion for ALL Ages

Ideal for research, homework or everyday fact-finding, the Encyclopædia Britannica 2010 Ultimate Edition is crammed with a wealth of trusted information and rich multimedia. With three age-specific databases for ages 6 to adult, this complete reference suite makes it easy to find whatever you need. Simply select the database that’s right for you.

Includes content from the Print Editions.

1. Encyclopaedia Britannica Library

Your premier source for fact-finding and home study, with over 76,000 articles you can trust.

Authoritative & Richly Illustrated Articles
Discover a wealth of information with in-depth and richly illustrated articles from one of the world’s most respected names in knowledge—Encyclopædia Britannica.

EXCLUSIVE! Britannica Classics
Articles written by Britannica’s most notable contributors including Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and Harry Houdini.

NEW! Britannica Biographies
Heroes & Villains follows the lives of over 600 humanitarians, gangsters, pioneers, politicians, traitors and other interesting figures who left their mark on history. World Leaders and Great Minds who changed the world are also included.

EXCLUSIVE! The Britannica BrainStormer®
An interactive way to understand the relationships between ideas, subjects and people.

FREE Monthly Content Updates
Register your software and stay current with the newest and most updated articles for one year. Internet access and registration required.

The Trusted Resource for ALL Students
Encyclopædia Britannica 2010 Ultimate Edition provides detailed articles and comprehensive learning tools to help students of all levels excel in school. It’s the ideal resource for homework, school projects and essays.

2. Britannica Student Library

Over 15,900 articles that students can quickly and easily access for up-to-date, accurate and trusted research information.

For Ages 10-14

3. Britannica Children’s Library

More than 2,700 easy-to-read articles designed to help your child thrive in school.

For Ages 6-10

Supports the School Curriculum

More Multimedia and Online Tools
Thousands of engaging videos, photos, audio clips, magazines and Web links to keep students interested and motivated to learn.

Workspace – stay organised at all times!
Take notes and save articles, images and videos in one convenient location.

Virtual Notecards
Save notes within each project on a virtual note-card. Notes are printable to make your research easier, more productive and portable.

  • School projects
  • Homework help
  • Essay preparation
  • Research

Children can research digital and online resources safely and securely without getting lost in cluttered Internet search results.

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Britannica 2010 Ultimate Edition gives you:

Encyclopaedia Britannica Articles 76,000+
Total Number of Words 59,000,000+
Student Encyclopedia Articles 15,900+
Children’s Encyclopedia Articles 2,700+
NEW! 11,200+ Book of the Year Articles Yes
Collegiate® Dictionary Entries & Definitions Yes
Collegiate® Thesaurus Entries Yes
World Atlas Yes
NEW! Britannica Biographies: Heroes & Villains Yes
UPDATED! Interactive Timelines Yes
Britannica Classics Yes
Britannica BrainStormer® Yes
A-Z QuickSearch Yes
World Data Profiles Yes
Images & Illustrations Yes
Video, Audio Clips & Animations Yes
Explore - Exciting Interactive Tours Yes
Magazine Articles & Web Links 166,000+
FREE Content Updates Yes
FREE Britannica Online 6 Month Subscription worth £24.98! Yes
Homework Helpdesk Yes
Workspace for Project Management Yes
Student Dictionary & Thesaurus Entries Yes
Student & Children’s World Atlas Yes
Student & Children’s Timelines Yes
NEW! Interactive Tutorials – Maths, Science & More! Yes
How - To Documents Yes
Nations of the World Yes
Spanish to English Translation Dictionary Yes
Spotlights Yes
Interactive Games & Activities Yes

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System Requirements

PC Operating System: Windows® XP (with SP2) or Vista® / Windows® 7
PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium® III or equivalent processor

MAC Operating System: Mac® OS 10.4.x or 10.5.x w/ Java 1.5 / Mac 10.6x
MAC CPU Type and Speed: PowerPC G5 or Intel® Core processor

Hard Drive Space (MB): 1.96GB (4.5GB for full installation)
Memory: 512MB (1GB recommended)
Graphics: Any graphics card
Audio: Any sound card
Internet: Recommended