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Get ready to experience one of the most amazing hypnosis sessions ever!  Utilize your powerful mind to create a state of total erotic bliss!

WARNING:  This program will cause amazing things happen to your body, so it's best listened to privately or to be enjoyed with an intimate partner.  A very intimate partner.

Do you think your mind is powerful enough to bring you into a full Orgasm without lifting a finger or the help of your partner?

In Hypno-O, you will create in your mind and stimulate within your physical body, an intense and real orgasm.

It's true, your body can do this for you.  What a fun and exciting adventure that you can have by yourself or with your partner.

Every part of your body will tingle with delight when you listen to Hypnotic-O.

  • Works for men and women whether you are straight or gay.
  • Significantly improves the intensity and longevity of orgasms.
  • Increase your sexual abilities, enjoying the fun and fantasy in sharing new levels of sexuality.