supreme shimmies with amar gamal (dvdrip) 2010

Bellydance Basics and Beyond: Technique for a Solid Foundation with Jenna

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Master class on oriental dance by Amar Gamal.
Exciting shimmies are an important part of any bellydance performance, so perfect your shimmies with one of the world's most soughtafter instructors. Amar Gamal will teach you the technique, combinations, and layering you need to make your shimmies supreme!
Follow Amar through drills and exercises that will make your shimmies dynamic and strong as she teaches you the most popular types of shimmies. Next, layer your shimmies to captivate your. Amar then puts it all together in useful combinations for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. And finally, enjoy Amar's exciting drum solo fusion performance!
Chapter List:
Warm up
Feet Exercises
Posture and Body Alignment
Types of Shimmies 1
-Bent Leg Shimmy
-Straight Leg Shimmy
-Hybrid Shimmy
Types of Shimmy 2
-Tip Toe Shimmy
-3/4 Shimmy
-Up and Over Shimmy (I believe it's also called 'Arabic hip walk')
-Freeze Shimmy and Shoulder Shimmy
Endurance and Traveling Exercises 1
-Lifting Heel off Floor and Shifting of Weight
Endurance and Traveling Exercises 2
-Side Walks,Front Walks, Back Walks, Alternating Back Walks
Layering Shimmies: Hip Slides Layering Shimmies: Hip Slides
Layering Shimmies: Hip Figure 8s
Layering Shimmies: Undulations and Twists
Layering Shimmies: Arms and Chest
Combination 1: Beginner Level
Combination 2: Beginner Level
Combination 3: Intermediate Level
Combination 4: Intermediate Level
Combination 5: Advanced Level
Combination 6: Advanced Level
Bonus Performance: Nubian