billy blanks junior's dance with me cardio fit (2010)

Billy Blanks Junior's: Dance With Me Cardio Fit (2010)

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A well-taught dance workout featuring three dance sections: hip hop, Bollywood and country line dance. Billy Junior is the son of Tae Bo founder, Billy Blanks. But this is nothing like kickboxing. Instead, you get Tae Bo-style energy and motivation in a completely different workout format (this Billy can definitely dance!). You’ll begin each segment by learning the moves at a slower pace. Then it’s “play time” — having fun, burning calories and grooving to the music. Between each segment are two-minute “cardio bursts” — high-impact athletic moves like jumping jacks (the dance sections are nearly all low-impact)

Warming-up - 04:49
Hip Hop workout - 12:19
Country workout - 12:16
Bollywood workout - 12:33
Cooldown - 05:43
Level: Intermediate
Aerobics impact: Higher
Aerobics choreography: Moderate
Instructor: Sharon Blanks