Eric Arceneaux - Arceneaux Approach 2.0 (2008)

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Combine ancient Eastern breathing secrets with cutting edge modern vocal training concepts (developed by the best voice teachers of the last decade), and then add a bit of inspiration from the finest classical voice instructors in the world. Now top it all off with the expert insights of Vocal Guru, Eric Arceneaux The result is the The Arceneaux Approach: a unique method for freeing the voice.
Singing is all about telling a story - conveying emotion from oneself while evoking emotion in others. A great singer can move someone to tears or they can uplift someone from the brink of depression with simply a few melodic lines Who wants to concentrate on vocal technique, while they're doing that?

The Arceneaux Approach to vocal training is designed to simply turn your body into a singing machine - emphasizing the development of reflexive responses in the body that facilitate a healthy vocal production. In other words, The Arceneaux Approach takes the guess work out of singing. The vocal folds and diaphragm are trained to automatically perform at their best for singing, without any conscious effort on your part - leaving you free to express yourself vocally with ease and freedom.

Approach is the word used in the title, and not technique. Why is that? The answer is simple: for easy, healthy singing, you don't need technique. Your body was made to sing! The Arceneaux Approach simply gets you out of the way of your body by releasing bad habits and creating new ones. Singing becomes an effortless and exciting experience.

Results are immediate, and can be applied to any style. Belt out a power ballad. Croon a jazz standard, or deliver that operatic aria with more ease than you ever have before. Claim your voice! It's your right as a human being to enjoy the gift of singing. Haven't enjoyed using your voice in a while? Well, maybe it's time to try another approach.