henry's turns 3 (salsa triples)

Henry's Turns 3 (Salsa Triples)

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Learning Salsa Triples is made easy and fun with Henry Herrera from Salsa Racing Dance Studios. Henry will help you improve your dancing skills from "standard to standout", from "elementary to amazing". They will help you discover many interesting things that can be done while you are dancing, such as: dancing one guy with two girls or two guys with one girl, and that is the purpose of this Instructional Video, to bring the best out of you and to help you impress all of your friends at your favorite night club! So, get ready for the best experience of your life and challenge yourself to be the best you can be with Salsa Racing Dance Studios. Henry Herrera will explain these 13 combinations in Spanish and English for all of you to enjoy.

The combinations are known as:
1.Mermelada 2. Remolino 3. El Volcan 4. Rebolu 5. La Pachanga 6. Terremoto 7. Motorizate 8. Sandokan 9. La Ola 10. Jibarito 11. Laberinto 12. Macumba 13. Desastre
Approximate running time: 45 minutes.
Master Instructor:Henry Herrera .
Music by: Israel Kantor.
Photos by: Baron DaParré.
Produced By: Douglas Villalba