henry herrera - salsa racing - henry's turns 2 mpg

Henry Herrera - Salsa Racing - Henry's Turns 2 MPG

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Henry's Turns 2 (A lo Cubano) Description: Casino style salsa master level turns. Henry Herrera and Zumel Michel will show you how to dance with style. Together they create an incredible exciting dance team whose performances captivate the audiences worldwide. This second edition of Henry's Turns is a very challenging instructional video that contains 19 of Henry's most advanced turns which you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world.

Henry Herrera have put all of their effort in making this new instructional video a success and have broken down all of the turns in Spanish and English for you to enjoy. The turns are known as:
1. Sabor y Caché 2. Sombrero Complicado al Derecho y al Revés 3. La Presa Complicada 4. Campana Complicada 5. Sabor Unisex 6. Sargazo 7. Coquito con Melao 8. Sabor Saboreado 9. La Julie Complicada 10. En Talla 11. Isaura 12. Mascarita 13. Chocolate 14. Setenta y Pescado 15. Tres Gracias 16. Saoco 17. Estrella Complicada 18. Pie con el Indio, 19. Racing.