hypnosis for the lemonade fast

Hypnosis for the Lemonade Fast

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This program is to be listened to while doing the "Master Cleanser", by Stanley Burroughs. His book is available at either your local health food store or online at Amazon.com. Please purchase a copy of his book before pursuing this program, in order to gain proper understanding.

Listen to session 1: Daily to aid the process and increase your motivation.

Listen to session 2: When you are coming off the cleanse and wish to adopt and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.

  • Session 1:  Master Cleanser Helper
  • Session 2:  Healthy Eating Maintenance

Victoria first did the "Master Cleanser" in May 2004 for 21 days, lost 16 pounds and kept it off. She wrote this program based on the principals taught by Stanley Burroughs in his book, "the Master Cleanser." In order for this hypnosis program to be effective for you, you must read his book first.

The Master Cleanser can help you in every area of your life; gain mental clarity, spiritual growth, emotional freedom, and optimum physical health.

Disclaimer: While there are no known adverse affects caused by the "Master Cleanser," Hyptalk.com, all of it's entities, including it's owner, Victoria Wizell, are not liable for any issues resulting from the program upon which this hypnosis session is based.
My name is Bill.  I think you may remember me.  We talked quite a bit years ago - before you were a big success, before your lemonade diet, & before you fell in love.  I just wanted you to know that I've been on the Master Cleanse for a while now.  I'm on day 13!!!  I've been using your CD every morning.  It's kept me in the game.  It's excellent as are all your CD's, and it's helped me beyond measure.  It serves as a daily reminder of all the benefits I'm deriving from the cleanse.  I'm going for it & I'm not stopping until I get the pink tongue!  I just wanted to say thanks.