hypnosis for running hypnosis cd

Hypnosis for Running Hypnosis CD

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You have made a decision that running is something that you desire to improve.  Hypnosis for running will help to strengthen your resolve and your commitment toward making running a consistent part of your life.


Running helps you to stay in shape and to reach and maintain an ideal body weight. Studies show that a combination of diet and exercise is the most effective way to lose weight, as it triggers a loss of body fat and a proportional increase of lean tissue. Running, which is a rigorous cardiovascular exercise, allows you to burn an average of 100 calories per each mile you run.  Maybe you already understand the benefits you get from running on a conscious level.  This program will drive those benefit factors into your subconscious mind. 


Going beyond the physical benefits you achieve from running, Hypnosis for Running will help you to recall that intense exhilaration and euphoria you receive after running, which creates a feeling of extreme happiness. Your mind becomes programmed to look forward to that feeling more than you look forward to any other feeling. 

Hypnosis for Running helps you to be the best runner you can be.  Whether it?s a race that you are gearing up for, increasing your best time, and increasing the distance you are able to run, whatever your goal, hypnosis will help you realize that goal.  This program will also put you more in touch with your body, which will allow you to rest when you need to rest, and push when you feel you have a natural extra boost of energy.  You will notice yourself becoming more sensitive to how your body feels, rather than what you ego might be telling you.