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Grow Taller Hypnosis CD's

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WHILE SOME PEOPLE MAY EXPERIENCE RESULTS SOONER, WE SUGGEST A MINIMUM OF 6 MONTHS DAILY LISTENING TO BEGIN TO SEE RESULTS."  Due to the extended listening time required to attain your desired results, we also extend our guarantee period from 90 days on our other programs, to ONE FULL YEAR from the date of purchase to use these growth-oriented programs.

Being able to grow taller with the power of your mind I know must seem completely ridiculous to most people. Actually, the first time that I ever heard about growing taller in this way, it seemed pretty outrageous to me too. However, because of the fact that I have created other programs for bodily changes, such as Penis Enlargement and Breast Enlargement and have had tremendous success in those areas? (See Testimonials) I grew open to the idea of at least exploring this concept.

"I was home for the weekend, I've been trying to grow taller for a little under two years and I used to always stand in front of my mirror barefoot and see how much of the length of the mirror I filled up, well when I checked when I got home I was definitely taller, I checked various times through the days on the weekend morning noon night after I worked out etc., and that was only a month, I dont want to measure yet, I'm going to wait and continue for a few months, but just wanted to let you know I definitely have gotten some success, thanks!"

And as soon as I began to explore this concept? a few really amazing things began to happen. One, I began to get a lot of requests for this kind of program from a number of people all over the world. So, the idea of course began to seem less and less ridiculous. The next thing that happened was that I began to find the necessary information that I needed in order to believe in the program just enough myself that I could begin to create some suggestions that I felt would work very well within the subconscious to create that change.

The single and most beneficial thought that you can have while pursuing this type of endeavor is a quote taken by the famous author of the book, Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill, and that is, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." It's a very simple phrase, and yet it is probably one of the most powerful phrases you can ever really come to know and understand.

Now to continue my story, there have been several clients who asked me to put together Custom CDs prior to the release of this program. And in the time of only a couple of months, I had heard back from one gentleman and he shared with me that he had experienced growth since listening to the CD that I made for him.

Since you have clicked on this link, you must, at some level believe or at least be curious if growing taller is possible for you.

There are eight sessions of the program. I would suggest that you listen to each session in order? and that you listen to each program at least a couple of times through, maybe even for a week, or two, or even a month before moving to the next program. What you are going to want to do is to increase your understanding of how it is that I am suggesting that your body is able to do this? to increase your desire and to increase your belief.

Make a commitment to yourself to stick with this program? Your money back guarantee is good for one year, so give yourself some time to do this? It may take quite a bit of time to change the belief in your mind to one that allows your body to respond.
Think of your body simply as a physical manifestation of your thoughts. Your body is expressing what is in your mind and your emotions. And there are no limitations. The only limitations are that which we have in our mind.

If you were to listen to this program, and walk around doubting whether this can really be achieved or not, I promise you that you will not grow? Because as the saying goes, whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve?. It will work for you or against you.. it will do exactly what you believe? if you believe you wont grow? that's gonna happen. And if you believe and can conceive you will grow? then that's likely going to happen too.

Your mind and body are connected? That's been proven over and over again. People create all kinds of diseases in their body because of diseased thinking. In other words? dis - ease in the mind = disease in the body? At the same time studies have also shown where people have healed themselves from cancer and all sorts of diseases through using the techniques of relaxation and visualization, which you will be working with quite a bit throughout these eight sessions.

I?d like to share a concept that I have been listening to and reading about from Dr. Deepak Chopra and that is that basically when you look at your body under a magnifying glass and you break it down to the smallest particle? that that particle exists as 99.9% empty space ? so, if given that each part of our body is composed of 99.9% empty space? consider that your thoughts are just energy and information ? than those thoughts can influence and communicate with each cell of your body and therefore change the shape and structure. Although it may appear to have some permanent form, it really does not at the most basic and fundamental level. It's all just, as Deepak puts it, energy and information. And that energy and information is always changing? your cells are always changing? dying and reforming new cells? As a matter of fact, within one years time, your whole body has regenerated itself through the process of cell regeneration? your cells are so intelligent that they can take that blueprint stored in your subconscious mind and keep re-creating the body according to the form that is stored within your subconscious? So, therefore, if you will allow yourself to change that blueprint, simply by being completely open to these ideas that will be presenting in these next eight hypnosis sessions, you will change the way your cells form themselves and ultimately create a taller body?

The process of growth will be as slow or as fast as your thoughts become those that are absolutely convinced that things are happening within your body? first at the level of mind? and then ultimately reflecting as evidence in your body. For you it could take a month or two? it could take several months? six months or even longer? If you really have a deep desire for this to happen ? it will happen. Set no boundaries or limits on what you can achieve with the power of your mind.

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