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Good Luck Hypnosis

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Change Your Luck in 8 Weeks or Your Money Back!

This program is all about creating more luck in your every day life ... Luck with people of the opposite sex, luck with money, and luck for the extraordinary things like winning the lottery.

It is my belief that luck is something that you can create, rather than there are just lucky and unlucky people in the world. so, I have put together several sessions that are designed to help you to become a luckier person. So, I have put together 8 sessions, all designed to help you become a luckier person. You will learn that Luck is something you create and attract. And this program tells you exactly how to do it. And over 8 sessions listened to a week at a time, daily listening; you will have increased your luck or your money back.

  • Ready for Luck - Helps you to become prepared for luck and to realize the lucky opportunities all around you.

  • Mental Alertness - There are an abundance of chance encounters that will come your way ... will you have the mental alertness to know exactly how to make use of them?

  • Generosity - Create a spirit of generous giving. True generosity creates luck because people want to help people who leave a lasting positive impression.

  • Desire - There is something inside of you that you feel very passionate about ... getting in touch with that thing will attract more luck in your life.

  • Intuition - Of course it stands to reason that intuition plays a huge role in the luck you have in your life ... if you are able to tune into that inner voice that tells you that something is good or bad you will greatly improve your luck.

  • Reframing - Go back in time and re-experients moments that would have been lucky for you if you made a different decision and educate your subconscious mind how to make better decisions in the future.

  • Luck Anchor - Change your energy vibration to one that will attract more lucky encounters.

  • Morning Luck Meditation - Start each day on a positive note ... visualizing how you'd like the day to turn out.

    You see, much of your luck depends on your ability to be aware of situations that could be lucky for you, recognizing them, and being able to act upon them.

    Right now, you happen to be at the right place at the right time ? I?m going to show you how to do that more and more often, in addition to helping you to increase your intuition, and your luck vibration.

    This program is only $99.00 for all eight sessions