HIP HOP Hip Hop Moves for the Club for Men DVD

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Title: Hip Hop Moves for the Club for Men DVD

CypherStyles Best Video of 2007 - Hip Hop Dance

Format: NTSC, All Region DVD

Run Time: Over 40 Minutes

Rating: Not Rated

The Hip Hop for Men DVD is broken down into two sections. The first focuses on club moves while the second on approaching girls, grinding, and smooth transitions to get a girl dancing closer to you. The instructors first show you each move full throttle, then slow it down, and teach it to you from the front, back and other angles with close-ups so the specifics are easy to see and learn.

The goal is to teach the core of each move first - then show you how to spice it up, making the same move more energetic or laid back.

Each move is taught by the lead instructor and simultaneously shown to you by the back-up dancers so you could see the different styles.

Each dancer, having his own particular twist to each move, allows you to choose which style to mimic. Everything is covered. They tell you exactly what to do, how to stand, where to put your hands. Then the instructors show you exactly how each move should look when you're dancing with a partner.

Commentaries throughout the video from real girls give you even more advice and shed light on common mistakes most guys make on the dance floor. This DVD prepares you and gives you the moves and confidence for any club dancing scenario, so you never feel uneasy and always know what you're doing.