emedia intermediate piano lessons (iso)

Emedia: Intermediate Piano Lessons (ISO)

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There are more than 150 individual lessons, with a lot of emphasis on pure finger technique throughout. It is important to understand that this program really is designed for students at the intermediate level who have a good foundation of early training.
The first section, comprising 24 lessons, deals with basic knowledge of pitches and intervals, but there is a lot else along the way. First, the student gets to read two full screens of music history outlining the development of tonality from the ancient Greeks through the Renaissance, with references to acoustical properties such as fundamentals and overtones, plus consonance, dissonance, scales and modes, Gregorian Chant, Pythagoras, Palestrina, Plato, and Aristotle. The first composition assigned is a Trio in A Minor by Beethoven which calls for shifting and extended hand positions, legato and staccato touches, phrasing, dynamics, and accents.