Express Gratitude with Law of Attraction Hypnosis CD

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Attract Health, Wealth, and Love through Gratitude

The Law of Increase is about Expressing Gratitude for what you already have. When you Express Gratitude for that which you already have, you are resonating with the things you appreciate and desire in your life and so you receive more of the same.

Whatever you are waiting for, hoping for, desiring on a deep level, whether it is love, money, peace, health, intelligence, spiritual advancement … Hypnosis will help you attract it to you when you are ready to receive it with a grateful heart.  

What you focus on expands and so this hypnosis program helps you to focus on those things that you want to expand.  You Get to Choose your perspective and THAT perspective creates YOUR reality.

There is magic in doing this Hypnosis Session as you embrace it fully.  It is VERY simple.  You just take time each day to listen to the guidance and feel grateful you will have more positive days. 

The More you Listen to this Hypnosis Session, the More Everything around your environment, the people around you and the things you have in your life magically change, flourish and grow.

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Track 1:  Hypnosis Introduction 10:36
Track 2:  Express Gratitude Session: 32:51

Hypnosis will help you feel confident  in all aspects of your life by helping you to realize goals and create a deeper sense of self-worth and confidence as a result of spending time with your self in the guided relaxation. 

Hypnosis is a valuable tool for self-empowerment and continuous personal growth.  Put the power of your mind to work in managing your body.   This method of utilizing the untapped energy of your mind to support your overall health and well-being is natural, safe, and simple.