Russ Long’s Guide to Nashville Recording

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Watch Russ in-session with five Nashville session musicians. You are Russ’s second engineer, documenting every microphone position, every EQ and compression setting…from the original tracking session to the final mix.

Russ records the two songs with radically different signal chains. Russ records song #1 with his usual arsenal – over $37,000 in mics and outboard gear. Russ tackles song #2 with the home studio in mind – using SM57’s and a popular 16 channel mixer.

Russ Long’s Guide to Nashville Recording also comes with all the audio files. Over 2 gigabytes of 24-bit audio!

Features :

# Documentary footage of two complete productions from tracking to the final mix
# Close-up video of the actual EQ and compression settings for every track
# A separate DATA DVD containing all the 24-bit audio files.
# Bonus chapter - Drum Tuning: Session drummer, Ken Lewis, explains the secret to getting great drum sounds in the studio.
# Bonus chapter - Compression Basics: Russ demystifies this misunderstood subject. Included are his exact settings for tracking various instruments. If you've ever wondered how to get "in your face" vocal sounds, this chapter is for you!