exercise power hypnosis cd

Exercise Power Hypnosis CD

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3 Sessions in One!

  • I Love to Exercise: It?s a proven fact that the only way to burn fat from your body is through a proper diet and exercise. Yet sometimes it?s so hard to find the motivation to work out. Once exercise becomes a routine, you realize how much better you feel about yourself emotionally and physically.

  • Raise Your Energy: This session will help you to raise your energy levels to help you to do the things in your life you normally procrastinate (like exercise). You will learn to turn up the volume of your energy levels and because so energetic that it just becomes part of your nature.

  • Motivation: Achieve new heights of success by visualizing clearly the outcome you are looking toward achieving. Allow yourself to feel motivated by realizing your goals in your mind first.

Utilize the untapped energy of your mind to support your overall health and well-being. Accept, believe and expect new possibilities!