groove3 melodyne explained tutorial esd

Groove3 Melodyne Explained TUTORIAL ESD

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Presented by DAW and Plug-In pro Eli Krantzberg, this in-depth collection dedicated to Celemony Melodyne is a 'must have' if you're just getting into the world-standard of pitch and time correction, or just want to deepen your understanding of it.

Eli takes you from the very beginning all the way to advanced usage of Melodyne including topics such as window overviews, editing tools, using DNA (Direct Note Access) pitch and time grids, the different versions of Melodyne, advanced routing to and from your DAW, plug-in mode, tempo changes, practical usage and so much more.

In today's 'hyper real' studio productions, you need to stay current with all the latest DAW tools to make your tracks shine. Celemony Melodyne is hands down one of the most used software packages and to get the most out of it, you need to learn it inside and out. Get Melodyne Explained today and conquer pitch and time!

Product Hightlights
* 27 Tutorials / Over 3 Hours Total Runtime
* For all beginner to intermediate Celemony Melodyne users
* Tutorials written by Apple Certified Logic Pro Eli Krantzberg
* Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
* Viewing Options: Online, Download, Boxed Disc, iDevices

Release Information
Type.................: TUTORIAL
Platform.............: HYBRID
Prepared.............: 01-06-2011
Supplier.............: horsemen