lick library guitar techniques kirk hammett

Lick Library Guitar Techniques Kirk Hammett

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Thrash superheroes Metallica have long been acknowledged as the band that set the standard for the very best in speed metal, combining thunderous slicing riffs with fret-melting leads and solos. Through his work in Metallica, guitarist Kirk Hammett has inspired thousands of metal kids the world over, with a terrifying technique and some truly ear-bending tonalities. In this two-hour DVD tutorial, Danny Gill provides you with an arsenal of metal style licks that you can incorporate into your own solos, including two handed techniques, hammer on and pull off techniques, legato phrases, picking licks and much more! Both Hammett and Gill are former students of axe-master Joe Satriani, and the techniques on display here will not only help you play your favourite Metallica classics, but promise to transform all aspects of your guitar playing.