beatclass - how to make an epic track using fl studio

Beatclass - How to Make an Epic Track using FL Studio

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Epic tracks are BIG tracks that sound like they belong in a movie. Songs like Nas' Hate me Now, Pdiddy's Victory and Dr. Dre's California are all epic tracks worthy of study. In this tutorial you will finally learn the techniques that go into making this type of track. You will spend over an hour of Quality learning time watching both video and screen capture that will enhance your music production techniques. After viewing this tutorial you can learn: Basic equalization Time Counting Techniques How to Play basic Keyboard Selecting instruments Importing sounds Chopping sounds How to mix down Panning Basic Adobe Audition Tricks Layering Sound design Creating an epic melody Musical Terms And Much more........... This Tutorial is our largest ever with over 2 Gb worth of information. You will be sorry you missed this.