enjoy oral sex hypnosis cd

Enjoy Oral Sex Hypnosis CD

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Enjoy Oral Sex for Women 2-Session Set

Two Amazing Hypnotic Journeys Include:

  • Track 1: Enjoy Giving Oral Sex
    Expand your exploration of your sexual self. Your desire grows more intense to explore yourself and sex and take sex to a new level. One that you know will be very pleasurable for you. One that you will enjoy so much. A sexual experience that will transcend you to higher levels of connectedness with your own sexual self and your body. An intimate experience that you will enjoy. Overcome any obstacles that got in your way before, because you know how good it is enjoy oral sex ? to really enjoy it.

  • Track 2: Intense Orgasmic Fantasy
    This is truly the most erotic sexual fantasy. Purely for your pleasure and enjoyment, although will aid in Vaginal Lubrication as well. You will be guided deeply into hypnosis to meet an erotic sexual man who gives you incredible oral sex!

Super charge your sex life! Hours of Erotic Pleasure and Fantasy await you! What a fantastic way to make noticible improvements in your sex life, or simply experience the fun and fantasy!