metal method - speed kills 2

Metal Method - Speed Kills 2

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Speed Kills 2 is a combination of warm-up exercises and tips on playing style. This is Michael Angelo Batio's follow-up to the legendery “shredder's bible” Speed Kills. Instead of being more difficult than the original it's actually more approachable.

Yes, there are plenty of spectacular exercises and licks in this program but it's still basic enough for even an intermediate guitarist to enjoy. Regardless of your level of playing experience, this will take you to the next level.

Speed Kills 2 begins with an the amazing six-minute live performance of Rain Forest from Michael's No Boundaries CD (above). Then, the program is divided into two sections. The first half is all about warm-up. These exercises are easy to learn but challenging to master.

They're guaranteed to increase finger dexterity and picking speed. One of the exceptional aspects of this approach is the unique combination of alternate and sweep picking explained here.

Part 2 covers the many aspects of Michael's unique style. Although he's known for his incredible speed, this isn't just about speed. He teaches jazz phrases in the style of Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt and explains how these masters have influenced his music. In these twelve exercises he not only teaches you the different styles that have influenced his playing but also explains how to apply this to your own music.

But you expect even more from Speed Kills 2 don't you? You won't be disappointed. Michael throws in several “hyper-speed” exercises that will keep you in your room shredding until you're a better guitarist. Isn't that what you really want?

All exercises feature picture-in-picture picking and fretting hands to view both in close-up detail. Every exercise is played at slow speed, normal speed, and includes animated on-screen tab. Just use your DVD player's remote to pause, review, and skip forward. There are 96 chapters in this program so finding any single section is as simple as punching the chapter number into your DVD player's remote and pressing select. This program is 57 minutes in length.

There are additional files included for those who have a computer with a DVD drive. These files include a printable form of tablature, animated play along tab, and a complete chapter list. If you don't have a DVD drive please send us your name, address, and tab request in an e-mail message. We'll send you these files via e-mail. This is bonus material, so even if you don't have a computer these files aren't necessary to master this program.