macprovideo - trilian 101 core

MacPROvideo - Trilian 101 Core

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Imagine a dedicated bass machine with 34 gig of some the most delicious low end sounds on the planet. That’s the sonic soul of Trillian®! This incredible bass synth is based on Spectrasonic’s STEAM Engine technology, the same technology that powers the omnipotent Omnisphere®. But Trillian® is much more than a simple sampler. It is high energy bass machine with a massive set of articulations and gestures that combine together utilizing advanced Round Robin technologies to give you, the programmer, the ability to create the most realistic bass parts and outrageous bass sounds imaginable. This bass beast has so much horsepower that we decided to hand the tutorial reins to our master trainer, Jonathan Perl. Jonathan knows Spectrasonic’s products better than anyone else on the planet (except perhaps Eric Persing himself). In this incredibly in-depth tutorial Jonathan reveals all of Trillian’s inner workings shedding light on all of the advanced synthesis and sample playback power that is hidden beneath its awesome virtual faceplate.

Chapter 1: Performance & Expressio...
1: Articulations & Special Articulations
01. Introduction
02. Multis
03. Velocity Round Robin
04. Legato Release Notes
2: Live Mode
05. Live Mode Keyswitching
06. With MIDI CCs
07. Build Multi
08. Latch Mode
09. Latch CCs Touch Mode
10. Live & Legato Demo3: Soundsource Mix & Articulations
11. Mic Dl Legato Release4: Stack Mode
12. Stack Mode Save Multi
13. Layers & Velocity X-fade
14. Split Switch Save & Update

Chapter 2: Patch Editing
5: A(H)DSR Basics & Amplitude Envelopes
15. Amplitude Envelope AHDSR
16. Release Noise & Release Stage
17. Looping & Sustains6: Filter
18. Filter & Filter Envelope Basics
19. Filter Shared Controls
20. Dual Filter Filter Types7: Patch & Modulation
21. Solo, Glide & Legato
22. Modulation Zoom Vibrato & Pitch
23. Synth Soundsource Velocity Sensativity8: Soundsource Shapers & More Modulation
24. Main Page Controls Harmonia
25. Sample Start Flex Mod Invert
26. Timbre Slider Random & Velocity
27. FM Soundsource

Chapter 3: Automation, Arpeggiatio...
9: MIDI & Host Automation
28. MIDI Controllers
29. Host Automation10: Arpeggiator
30. Arpegiator Basics
31. Arpeggiator Trigger Options
32. Arpeggiator Chorf Modes
33. Arpeggiator Velocity & Groove Lock
34. Automation - Step Length & Wrap-up

Chapter 4: FX Modulation Details
11: FX Routing & FX Breakdown
35. Multi FX-Aux & Master
36. Part Common FX12: Envelopes & LFOs
37. Modulation Envelopes & Layer FX
38. LFOs
39. Customizing the Interface
40. Trillian in Omnisphere
41. Wrap-up