coin classics volume 1 - teach in series (dvdrip)

Coin Classics Volume 1 - Teach In Series (DVDRIP)

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Greater Magic Coin Classics Volume 1 Teach-In DVDCoin magic performed by David Acer, Don Alan, Michael Ammar, Bobo, Vani Bossi, John Born, Eugene Burger, John Carney, Daryl, Gary Kurtz, Jay Marshall, David Regal, and Jay Sankey.
Routines performed and explained:
Money Flies (David Acer),
Coins Into Hands (Michael Ammar),
Coin Vanishes (Bobo),
Pre-Matrix (Vani Bossi),
Matrix Reborn (John Born),
Coins Through the Table (Eugene Burger),
Logical Bill Trick & Coin In Glass (John Carney),
Sympathetic Coins (Daryl),
Coin Rolls & Sleeving (Jay Marshall),
Clearly Impossible (David Regal),
Undercover (Jay Sankey).