coin classics volume 2 - teach in series (dvdrip)

Coin Classics Volume 2 - Teach In Series (DVDRIP)

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Greater Magic Coin Classics Volume 2 Teach-In DVDCoin magic performed by Jay Sankey, James Cielen, John Carney, Daryl, Don Alan, T.A. Waters, Masao Atsukawa, Dr. Hiroshi Sawa, Karrell Fox and Richard Ross is featured on this DVD from the Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Series.
Routines performed and explained:
Paper Prison (Jay Sankey),
Coins Across (James Cielen),
Coin In The Bottle (John Carney),
Two Quarters (Daryl),
Nickel On Forehead (Don Alan),
Scotch & Soda (Don Alan),
Double Coin Vanish (T.A. Waters),
Coins Across (Masao Atsukawa),
2 Coin Sequence (Masao Atsukawa),
Vending Machine Coins (Dr. Hiroshi Sawa),
Heads Or Tails (Dr. Hiroshi Sawa),
Submarine & Coins Through Hand (Dr. Hiroshi Sawa),
YenSational Coins (Karrell Fox),
Washington's Wig (Karrell Fox),
Coins In Glass (Richard Ross).