enjoy giving oral sex - for men - hypnosis cd

Enjoy Giving Oral Sex - For Men - Hypnosis CD

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Enjoy Giving Oral Sex - for Men - Hypnosis CD

Pleasure Your Lover while feeling Excited, Confident, and Enjoyment

Expand your sexual awareness to a new level that will remain with you. Journey into a sexual experience that will transcend you to higher levels of connection with your own sexual self and your body. Truly enjoy creating an intimate experience of oral pleasure that you will come to enjoy.

Make a permanent and lasting change within you to be able to satisfy your partner orally expertly and with no repulsions or inhibitions. You will enjoy everything about giving oral sex to your partner, including the tastes, feelings, and smells. You will find yourself wanting to give her oral sex more often because you not only enjoy pleasing your partner, but you receiving enjoyment from giving it.

Overcome any obstacles that got in your way before as your feelings of confidence and contentment with yourself grow with each and every encounter you experience. You have the ability to completely let go, finding deeper satisfaction every time. You will always feel completely calm and lovable during any and all sexual encounters. You will notice having more intense and amazing orgasms yourself. Any old thoughts, fears or anxieties you have ever had about this before will become full erotic excitement.