piano lessons - learn the essentials of piano series - volume 1 -10

Piano Lessons - Learn The Essentials Of Piano series - Volume 1 -10

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Video lessons on the basics of piano. Parts 5 and 6 missing
Talc Tolchin - Learn The Essentials Of Piano - Volume 1 - Getting Started
Year: 1987
Length: 1:55:36
Talc Tolchin Learn the Essentials of Piano Vol.2 Ear Training
Duration: 57:03
The second part of the previously laid out by the school. Talc here talks about the selection of songs on the piano by ear, ear training, the construction of chords ...

Talc Tolchin - learn the essentials of piano - Vol.3 Intro to blues Duration: 55:33

The third part, as the name implies learning the blues, the blues trenches, pitch, etc.

Talc Tolchin Learn the essentials of piano Vol.4 Exercises and altered chords
Year: 1989
Duration: 53:03

The next part, here we find a variety of exercises to develop hand and learn different variations of chords

Talc Tolchin - learn the essentials of piano Vol.7 In depth scales Year: 2002
Duration: 59:03

Tonality, scales, construction of scales in various keys, pentatonic, etc. ...
Very useful video of improvisational approach to the game and a better orientation in the keys.

Learn The Essentials Of Piano Vol.8 In-depth Chords with Talc Tolchin

Year: 2002
Duration: 52:33

Professional musician and teacher Talc Tolchin advocates theory and ear training over note reading. In this second series of videos, Talc builds on the information covered in the first series and explores in much greater depth the topics of scales, chords, jazz improvisation, and accompaniment. The second series is for motivated musicians who want to improvise, deepen their knowledge of music theory, and learn to accompany a lead instrument or singer.
Eighth (second series), the well-known video-school piano (piano) from a professional musician and teacher Talc Tolchin.
Language - English, but given the fact that music - an international language, almost everything is clear without any special translation.
Explains lucidly, even clears the keyboard idle fingers in a chord, for clarity.

Talc Tolchin - Learn The Essentials Of Piano - Vol 9

Length: 1:01:33
Year: 2002

- Learn to play "Autumn Leaves"
- Left hand voicing with open 7ths
- Improvisation with the right hand
- Advanced music theory

On the example of the play "Autumn Leaves" Talc tells about the different techniques in jazz improvisation on the chord sequence ...

Talc Tolchin - Learn The Essentials Of Piano Vol10 - Jazz II

Length: 0:52:33
Year: 2002

- Left hand bass lines using "Autumn Leaves"
- Alternate voicings for the left hand
- Accompanying a lead instrument or singer
- More improvisation ideas

Again, the example of the play "Autumn Leaves" Talc shows how to embellish various jazz improvisational passages, chips, if you know the piano as his ten fingers and carefully watched and studied the previous lessons)