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    art academy - mastering portrait drawing the frontal pose volumes i-ii

    Art Academy - Mastering Portrait Drawing The frontal pose Volumes I-II

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    Drawing portraits is generally something that most people assume one must be born with a talent for. Sure there are those for whom portait drawing is a God-given talent, but everyone no matter what their 'talent' level must study and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to grow and develop as an artist.

    My name is Michael Britton. As an artist and a teacher for many years I have taught both the 'talented' and those who have had to struggle for each and every step forward. Experience has repeatedly shown me that the fable of the Turtle and the Hare is often true. A sure and steady progression of learning will sooner or later surpass the 'naturally talented' who do not work on improving their skills.

    In my Mastering Portrait Drawing DVD Workshop you also get:

    * All the Tools and Materials used to create realistic, professional-looking graphite drawings; and best of all they’re simple, easy to find and cheap!

    * How to Place and Size the portrait on the drawing surface first so your drawing doesn’t balloon off the size of your paper

    * Understanding the Planes of the Head: achieving 3 dimensional effects using light so your drawing looks like it could walk off the paper

    * Proper Measuring and Sighting techniques; learn about the importance of establishing your Station Point, squinting, and comparing length and widths

    * Establishing Proportions and placing the Features correctly from the start - If you don’t want the nose to end up on the forehead you better know this!

    * All the Anatomy you need in my “Constructive Anatomy of the Head” where each and every feature is thoroughly explained and the muscles are highlighted in animated color-coding for easy learning and memory retention

    * How to work from the General to the Specific; Don’t get into those details too soon

    * Building Tone and Value; the bedrock of realistic 2 dimensional artwork

    * Background and Finishing considerations for professional looking works of art.

    * How to Render Hair realistically and add movement and life to your work; AND

    * How a Professional artist Finds, Analyzes and Corrects drawing problems -- these secrets are where great portraits lay.… and much more

    Mastering Portrait Drawing 2

    In this DVD Set on the Profile View you will receive:

    * All new comprehensive anatomy, measurements and proportions, tools and techniques you will need to successfully draw the 7/8s profile view and it’s unique perspective requirements;

    * The unique facial planes of the 7/8’s profile;

    * A full portrait drawing demonstrated by Master artist Michael Britton;

    * A photograph of the instructor’s view of the model up on screen so you can draw along at the same time;

    * How to draw that half nostril, Lips and Eyes half hidden from view as the head turns away from the viewer in space, and line everything up so it’s all facing the same direction;

    * Drawing the ear in full side view and how to place it correctly;

    * How to draw the back of the skull and hair;

    * You will learn how to compare your measurements, using all new landmarks;

    * Special visual effects that highlight the teacher’s points so you know exactly what he is referring to;

    * Added text effects and animation to give you the precise spelling of artistic and anatomical terms for easy learning;

    * Step-by-step chapters that make it easy to find where you last left off and to go over lessons you want to spend more time on;

    * Where to start, how to finish, and much more.


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