emotionally free

Emotionally Free

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Four Sessions in One!

  • Anger Release: Intensive meditation that will help you to get in touch with deeper issues that have been causing you anger. The meditation takes you through various situations that are primary causes of anger. The program gives you permission to experience your anger in a safe way. Allows you to get into the deeper purpose it may have, helping bring you back into a space of calm and peace.

  • Beat Depression: All of us are susceptible to become depressed at one point or another in our lives. Hypnosis provides a way for you to feel hope that you will overcome depression and guides you to finding your own answers to begin resolving it.

  • Forgiveness: Letting go can make you a happier and healthier individual. Forgiveness is one of the keys to happiness because it allows us to release the past and start anew in life. In this beautiful meditation you are guided through an exercise in which you will forgive others for having hurt you as well as forgive yourself.

  • Patience: In this beautiful meditation, you will make contact with a wizard in the forest which will help you to integrate patience by guiding you through new understandings of the path of impatience and the path of patience.