painting the head in one sitting iii

Painting the Head in One Sitting III

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The third part of a master class in painting portraits of Sanden J. H.
Our latest release is number three in our popular series, Painting the Head in One Sitting. This program varies from the other two in that the presentation is specifically arranged to illustrate the 29-step method featured in Mr. Sanden's book Portraits From Life in 29 Steps (North Light Books, 1999). Like the other two, this video takes the viewer step-by-step through the painting of a head-and-shoulders portrait, this time specifically enumerating the 29 steps featured in the book.
The 29 steps are divided into six sections: (1) The Layout, or preliminary drawing, (2) The Shadows, (3) The Halftones, (4) The Lights, (5) Restating, in which the artist refreshes and improves on previous judgements, and (6) Particularizing, in which the precise details of the facial features are painted.
This division of the job at hand into six manageable portions, which in turn are completed through several precise steps (it may sound complicated, but it's really quite simple) gives the painter a logical plan of accomplishment.