comic book pin ups with joe benitez

Comic Book Pin Ups with Joe Benitez

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In this DVD, Joe Benitez unveils the secrets of drawing alluring comic book style pin-up characters.
Sex appeal and allure is conveyed through many methods including stylized proportions, foreshortening, twists and curves. The importance of facial expression is also discussed in the context of conveying the right mood or emotion, along how this ties the character together. Instructor for this title: Joe Benitez

Topics covered:
* 3D Depth in 2D Space
* Conveying Sex Appeal
* “Posing” the Hair
* Finding Accurate Proportions
* Foreshortening
* Drawing Females vs. Drawing Males
* Expression and Emotion in the Face and Pose
* Classic Pin-Up Pose Breakdowns
* Twisting the Spine for more Dynamic Poses
* Keeping the Female Face Young
* Drawing the Face in Various Angles and Emotions

1. Chapters Quick Preliminary Figure Sketches
2. Quick Faces
3. Reclining Figures
4. Emphasizing Emotion with the Pose
5. Standing Figure “Cute Girl”
6. Basic Facial Expression
7. Using Curves to Explore Pose
8. Multiple Figure Composition
9. Sex Appeal
10. Action Pose I
11. Action Pose II
12. Crawling Figure “Vampirella”
13. Standing Figure “Bad-Ass Chick”
14. Quick Preliminary Expression Sketches
15. Conveying Anger in the Male Face
16. Conveying Anger in the Female Face
17. Drawing the Default Face at Various Angles
18. A Range of Emotion in the Default Face
19. A Range of Emotion in the Profile Face
20. A Range of Emotion – Low and High Angles