matthew archambault - drawing girls an illustration process (repost)

Matthew Archambault - Drawing Girls An Illustration Process (repost)

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This DVD is different from the "Layered Approach" DVD's. Matt takes you through his whole illustration drawing process from start to finish in this brand new DVD. Matthew will teach you drawing techniques used for "Illustration" purposes, not life drawing.
This DVD is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to draw realistically. If you struggle with drawing realistically the information provided in this DVD will help you improve your skills. Total running time for this DVD is two hours and ten minutes. Matthew will have additional bonus video available online, early January 2008. Matthew's easy going approach to teaching makes learning his techniques and applying them to your own work straight forward and simple.
Chapter one is titled, "Introduction". In Chapter two Matt talks to the "Illustration Process". The three simple items every artist must have in order to launch a career as an illustrator. Chapter three is titled "Let's Get started on the Drawing". Chapter four is all about "Working the Middle Tones". Chapter five, "Balancing the Tones". Chapter six is all about "Focusing in on Details". Matt closes the DVD with chapter seven "Background". In total there are eight chapters including a fifty nine image slideshow.
If you really want to draw girls realistically you cannot afford to miss out on the information packed into this DVD. Hang out with Matt and watch him draw over his shoulder offering to you eighteen years of illustration experience. This DVD works for traditional as well as digital artist. Comic Book artists too.