scott jensen, sarah shockley - the painting wizard's workshops 1 & 2

Scott Jensen, Sarah Shockley - The Painting Wizard's Workshops 1 & 2

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The Painting Wizard's Workshop 1
Learn to paint great figures the easy way!
This video teaches the viewer how to paint miniature figures used in war and fantasy games. The Painting Wizard takes you all the way from set up to finished figures in clear, easy-to-follow steps. Learn how to paint fast and paint well, and love the results! Special section on speed painting armies!
Content includes:
Setting Up: brushes, paints, supplies
Prepping Figures: flashing, assembly, priming

Painting for Speed & Accuracy: techniques, application
Color Mixing: mixing & balancing, accents, accessorizing
Great Faces: 3-step eyes, eyebrows, lips
Finishing: bases, decals, sealant, flocking
Speed Painting Armies: special speed techniques to paint a unit in 15 - 30 minutes per figure!

The Painting Wizard's Workshop 2

Take your painting to the Master Level!

The Painting Wizard Workshop 2 teaches the viewer how to paint miniature figures used in war and fantasy games. This video takes you to the next level in your painting skills. Learn the secrets of advanced shading and detailing to bring more 3-dimensionality to your figures. A special section on color and composition helps you create harmonious and balanced color schemes. Your figures will have greater depth, more realism, and a professional look!

Contents include:
Color & Composition: tone, temperature, complementary colors
Dry Brushing: skeletons, mummies, armor, flesh
Dry Brushing Armies for Speed: dry brush a great looking unit fast!
Washes: paint & ink washes, highlighting, avoiding problem washes
Black Lining: technique, uses
Horses: glazing, eyes, markings
Dragons: multi-layer dry brushing & washes to add depth
Master Detailing: take an army to Master Level with advanced detailing

Blending: mixing, wet blend layering, fixing mistakes

The Painters' Guild is dedicated to helping gamers enjoy their hobby more by making painting miniatures easy and fun. The goal of The Painting Wizard's Workshop video series is to present clear, detailed and entertaining instructions on how to make any figure look great. The Painters' Guild wants hobbyists to paint more figures and love the results!

Scott Jensen has been painting miniatures for more than 15 years and is the recipient of many painting awards. He has also been a full time martial arts instructor for 12 years. His painting skills and teaching experience give him the right mix of talents to make The Painting Wizard's Workshop videos clear, fun, and highly motivating to new and veteran painters alike.

Sarah Shockley has won numerous awards for video production, direction and editing, including the prestigious Chris Award. For the Painting Wizard's Workshop videos, she used the latest in digital technology. Special macro lenses capture the smallest details on the miniatures with great image clarity.