drink water hypnosis cd

Drink Water Hypnosis CD

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Drink Water Hypnosis CD

Learn to naturally enjoy drinking water effortlessly and easily

Also available in downloadable MP3 Format

Roughly 70 percent of your body is made up of water, that’s 2/3 water! Did you know that drinking adequate amounts of water also helps maintain a healthy body by boosting your metabolism and regulating your appetite, so you eat less?

Water is 100% all natural and great for your body. Just think about all the wonderful health benefits that you will get from drinking a cool, refreshing glass of water.

Water contains so many healing benefits for your body, such as, helping your joints from aging, in the digestion process, and makes up most of your blood. The benefits of drinking enough water to satisfy your body are infinite. Always remember the more water you drink, the better you will feel!

With hypnosis, you can tap into your natural instincts and become crazy about drinking water. After listening to this program for about 30 days, you will find yourself naturally reach for a glass of water before any other beverage. This program teaches you how to enjoy drinking water and gaining its benefits for better health.