javier soto's killer klown

Javier Soto's Killer Klown

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Because the rendering of clowns, particularly of the killer or psycho variety, are a growing trend in kustom painting, Javier Soto was the perfect choice to show, step-by-step, how to paint one. There's something for everyone in this instructional DVD, including how to employ Soto's brilliant colour, how to render a variety of textures, use of kandies, realistic fire, highlighting and much more. Integrate what you learn here into your own inimitable - and even demented - creativity and style, and you'll find the possibilities and profits are endless.

You'll learn:

* How to transfer designs onto a surface
* Use of Saral paper
* How to establish texture and shapes with the airbrush
* How to "scuplt" your image with the airbrush
* Airbrush techniques
* How to correct mistakes
* How to use kandies and basecoats
* How to mix colours
* Colour theory tips
* Advanced stencil tecnhiques
* How to mix urethanes properly
* Health and safety issues
* How to achieve hard and soft edges
* Paint mixing ratios
* Creating dimension in a design