frank covino - painting with oils like a renaissance master

Frank Covino - Painting with Oils like a Renaissance Master

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Frank Covino teaches old Masters oil painting methods. Everything is controlled, from palette to final brushstroke: a method that works well if you're looking to learn the techniques of the Renaissance Masters. The Artist's Magazine in their May, 2000 issue has named the Frank Covino Workshops to be one of the Top Five Workshops in the country!. Frank Covino Academy of Art founder and master artist is an innovative researcher of the great masters, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Rembrandt, Raphael, Van Dyke, Bouguereau, etc. Through 50 years of research and experimentation, Covino has restored the system that developed master artists for 400 years.

The Covino Controlled Palette, similar to the palette of Leonardo da Vinci, which inspired such notable illustrators as Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, Harvey Dunn, Frank Reilly and their followers, uses a graduated range of gray values. Covino's use of the Italian Il Metodo Grata ensures accurate likeness. He encourages the use of photography in class, but Ricomporre, the Italian solution to creative composition via the ancient Golden Mean is constantly stressed, in an effort to perpetuate the Classical Academic tradition.

Covino has guided over 24,000 students spanning over 40 years of instruction. He has compiled and proven the best contemporary materials and methods to produce masterful works of art that will last for centuries.