david leffel - the art of painting

David Leffel - The Art of Painting

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This production includes a wealth of information about the subject of picture making, not just portrait painting. David is a painter of light and his focus is on making a beautiful painting, regardless of the subject. Few people can verbalize the process of a basically visual medium better than he.

Filmed at our studio here in Texas, this video promises to be a best-seller, showcasing the mastery of David A. Leffel at the easel. It is three hours long, and shows the complete development of this painting from the first stroke to the finish.

Follow the brush from palette to canvas in close-up views showing his working methods, quality of paint, and mastery of application.

Listen to the thoughts of this 20th Century master as he explains his concepts of picture-making, design, and purpose in setting up a particular still-life composition, choice of backgrounds, and how to lead the viewer through the painting.

The project was filmed by Liliedahl Video Productions during a still-life workshop taught at Liliedahl Fine Art Studio and includes questions from the class participants as well as Mr. Leffel's complete answers. It's almost like being in class yourself!

Add this important video to your library now for the best demonstration and intelligent discussion of art theses available in today's world of working artists