kelby training - lights for environmental portrait

Kelby Training - Lights for Environmental Portrait

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As Joe McNally says, an Environmental Portrait is a Face in a Place. The setting is just as important as the subject, and the goal is to merge those two elements together in front of the camera. Join Joe as he takes viewers on three different shoots and tries to find the right mix of lighting, detail, and atmosphere to tell the story.

Irish Pub: Location Assessment (05:56)
Irish Pub: Lighting Adjustments (05:11)
Irish Pub: Collaboration (08:53)
Irish Pub: Secondary Setup (02:43)
Irish Pub: Individual Pics and Recap (05:08)
Firehouse: Manual Strobes (02:22)
Firehouse: FNG (02:12)
Firehouse: Lighting with Rangers (02:51)
Firehouse: Group Shot (08:22)
Firehouse: Controlling the Light (03:09)
Garage: TriFlash (03:25)
Garage: Diffuser (01:36)
Garage: Found Objects (02:44)
Garage: Recap (04:52)