kelbytraining senior portrait photography with james schmelzer

KelbyTraining: Senior Portrait Photography with James Schmelzer

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Disc 1 | Lighting Techniques
Disc 2 | Background, Props, and Shooting Ideas
Disc 3 | Outdoor Lighting

Disc 1 | Lighting Techniques
James has been photographing high school portraits for over 30 years. In this course, James shares his best techniques and hottest tricks that have made his style of photography an incredible success!

Introduction (01:47)
Diffusion versus Softness (03:00)
Working with an Umbrella (04:29)
The Soft Box (05:46)
Positioning the Soft Box (06:13)
Reflectors (02:46)
Light Positions (19:25)
Conclusion (01:04)
TOTAL: 00:44:30

Disc 2 | Background, Props, and Shooting Ideas
Join portrait photographer James Schmelzer as he shares his cutting-edge ideas and concepts for creating and lighting unique backgrounds for studio portraits.

Introduction (01:55)
Zebra Print (08:24)
CD Wall (02:35)
Shag Rug (01:43)
Beads and Hand-Painted Foam Core (04:34)
Old Boards and Chipped Paint (03:12)
Pillows and a White Background (07:38)
Rose Petals (05:01)
Frosted Tungsten Bulb (04:01)
Black Couch, Tiled Floor (01:56)
Painted SubFloor as Background (01:59)
3D Wall Paper (02:52)
Antique Couch (02:54)
Glitter Board (03:58)
Ring Flash (02:19)
Conclusion (01:04)
TOTAL: 00:56:05

Disc 3 | Outdoor Lighting
Professional photographer James Schmelzer has made a career shooting of high school senior portraits. In this course, James demonstrates some of the techniques he has learned for controlling and shaping light while shooting outdoors and using natural light.

Direct Sunlight into Shade Using a Reflector (06:45)
Blocking Light with Natural Gobos (02:21)
Subtractive Light Control (01:14)
Softening Raw Light Using a Diffuser (02:00)
Lighting and Posing on Railroad Tracks (06:12)
Choosing the Correct Side of a Building (02:05)
Evening Portraits (02:19)
Matching the Background and the Outfit (03:15)
Natural Light with Reflector Fill (02:21)
Lighting for Urban Scenes (02:59)
Portraits at the Park (08:04)
Creating an Outdoor Studio (02:16)
Beach Portraits (04:13)
TOTAL: 00:46:04